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Revista de Economia e Sociologia Rural
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Alessandro Cruvinel Fidelis; Ricardo Pereira Reis

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This study was generated in an enterprise with forest areas with eucalyptus, in the North region of Minas Gerais. It presents a mathematical model that supports the decision in the biannual planning of the forest harvest. 204 sites with average productivity of 205 st(steres)/ha were available for cutting. The objective of the proposed model is the optimization of the forest harvest, minimizing the cost of the feller-buncher tractoL The Mixed Integer Programming technique was used to create the model. Of the available sites, the decision support model selected 46 to be harvested in the first year and 42 in the second with a cutting cost of US$ 91,942.00 and US$ 79,379.00 respectively, providing the timber demanded by the enterprise that was studied. The results obtained allowed us to verify that the productivity of the sites available for cutting were above 150 st/ha and the decision of not harvesting sites below these levels could represent an economy of up to US$ 70,000.00 per year.


Optimization, mathematical programming, forest harvest.


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